Keepin’ the party jumpin’ with
with an original somethin’
— The Roots

12 Mile Island is a Kitchener based indie rock band, made up of four friends with diverse musical backgrounds.

Rooted in rock, but branching out into blues, pop, and even R&B, 12 Mile Island has been sharing stages around Southern Ontario with a spectrum of artists, from indie-alternative to punk-rock bands, since April of 2018.


Whether they are blending the narrative lyrical characteristics of folk music with an indie rock sound, or putting a jazzy twist on the guitar harmonies of southern rock by switching out a guitar for a trumpet, 12 Mile Island has turned a collage of styles and influences into a new yet familiar sound that appeals to a variety of listeners.

12 Mile Island is:
Laura Sones - Lead Vocals, Trumpet, Guitar
Nic Nolet - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Dan Corrigan - Bass, Backing Vocals
Dan Nash - Drums, Keys, Euphonium